Original FAQ’s for the Dunwich Dynamo

Below this post are Barry mason’s original FAQ’s for the ride. Most of it still holds true, apart form the details about the coaches, which wont run this year, too much uncertainty around level of Covid restrictions to organise, and the great Waldingfield feed stop. This no longer exists. But other pop up feed stops along the way. Check the Facebook group for these.


Barry was instrumental in keeping this ride going towards the end of the last century when it was almost dropped because the numbers booking couldn’t cover the costs. His solution, reduce the organisation to a minimum , make it a turn up and go ride with one feed stop, no other support, let folk sort themselves out. And they did just that. He also got the coaches organised, back then with Greenwich Cyclists and later with Southwark Cyclists. He was coordinator of both groups in his time as a cycling campaigner. He had terrific and infectious energy, a love of both the natural environment, and the city and a belief that if we try hard enough we can make our communities safe and healthy spaces to live for everyone, preserving the best in the them and creating better spaces where needed.

Ten years this month since he died, too young and too soon. The Dunwich Dynamo is now one of the most popular night rides in the country. And that original model has since been copied by others, notably the Ride to The Sun from Carlisle to Cramond and the Exmouth Exodus, from Bath to Bristol. If Barry was still with us, you can bet he would most likely have been riding those two this year, as well as the DunRun. I’ll be raising a glass to him at le depart this year. London Fields 24th July 2021

With respects to Barry Mason,  (5 January 1950 – 2 June 2011)