Thanks Bermondsey Bill!

Christmas Day 2016. I have never done the legendary Christmas Day Ride, despite the fact it’s been led by good friends ever since Barry Mason started it. Another good friend and legend on two wheels, Bermondsey Bill has kept it going since then, although I think a couple of years saw it led by another friend, Francis Sedgemore. There are now other Christmas Day rides. LFGSS run one, the Waifs and Strays, and there are occasional alternatives that pop up some years. But the one that starts at the Southwark Needle on the south side of London Bridge, with a feeder ride from Greenwich and a lunch stop in Edgeware Rd, is the original and best.

Quick chat before the off

Quick chat before the off

But Christmas is an important date for our family and I have never been able to join it. My friend Katie (aka her_welshness) and I got up at some unearthly hour one Christmas morning a few years back and did our own version before returning to our respective homes in time to prepare a full Christmas dinner for our families. But, a traditional Christmas Eve party till the early hours made certain that was a one off.


The crowd gathers.

But I love the Christmas Day Ride, Love the idea of it, love it that around 100 people can come together on that day every year and enjoy London on their bikes. And love the folk who lead it, keep it going. So I do try to ride up to London Bridge and wave them off. And did again this year. Thanks again Bermondsey Bill especially, but also all you riders who keep this iconic ride going. See you Christmas Day 2017, with luck


Bermondsey Bill describes the ride to come